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Foot Doctors in Brooklyn Perform Cosmetic foot surgery - plastic foot surgery

Here at the Brooklyn Podiatrist Foot Doctor Clinic we understand our patients' needs to cosmetically improve the appearance of their feet. Our patients not only enjoy relief from painful conditions but are thrilled at the cosmetic result achieved by our experienced cosmetic foot surgeons. See our before and after photos.  Some of the procedures that the foot doctors perform are:


Bunion surgery (bunionectomy)

Brooklyn Foot Doctor - Bunion Surgery - Podiatrist NY

This surgery will remove the bony enlargement, restore the normal alignment of the toe joint, and relieve pain. A simple bunionectomy, in which only the bony prominence is removed, may be used for the less severe deformity. Severe bunions may require a more involved procedure, which includes cutting the bone and realigning the joint. Recuperation takes time, and swelling and some discomfort are common for several weeks following surgery. Pain, however, is easily managed with medications prescribed by your podiatric surgeon.


Tailor's bunion surgery

This surgery removes a bony bump near the pinky toe.


Hammertoe surgery - toe straightening

This surgical procedure corrects painful contracted toes. We may also remove unsightly corns.
Brooklyn Foot Surgeon - hammertoe correction surgery - toe straightening


Pinky toe slimming & narrowing surgery

This surgical procedure makes the pinky toe slimmer, and removes the painful, unsightly corn usually visible on the pinky toe. Patients are able to wear stylish shoes comfortably; without pain after this procedure.


Toe shortening surgery

This surgery removes a painful bump near the pinky toe. Visible scarring is minimized by placing the incisions on the side of the foot. This is a departure from traditional incision placement.

Brooklyn Foot Doctor - hammertoe surgery toe straightening - Podiatrist NY


Cosmetic nail surgery

This in-patient surgical procedure eliminates ingrown toenails and fungal toenails.

Fungal toenails nails brooklyn ny podiatrist foot doctor


Foot makeover surgeries

We can also perform a combination of the above procedures utilized all at once or step by step to cosmetically enhance the appearance of the foot. Often patients will remark that their shoes now feel "roomy" and that they are able to wear stylish shoes or heels with less discomfort.

Dr. Tabari and Dr. Mantzoukas perform surgeries at the Fifth Avenue Surgery Center, North Shore Long Island Hospital and Lutheran Hospital.

***This material is only provided as helpful information and not as medical advice and you should consult with your foot doctor for a professional diagnosis. ***

For more information on cosmetic foot surgery, also referred to as plastic foot surgery, or to make an appointment with the Brooklyn Bunion Podiatrist Foot Doctor Surgeon, please call (718) 266-1986 or click here to make an appointment.