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Podiatrists are available for House Calls and Emergencies in Brooklyn and NY Metro Area

Dr. Tabari and Dr. Mantzoukas are available for house calls for homebound or elderly patients in the Brooklyn, Queens or NYC / Manhattan area. They are also available for emergencies and can deliver prompt, around-the-clock, high-quality foot care services to residencies, nursing homes, offices, production shoots, location shoots, theatres, sound stages, studios, and other venues in New York City.

Should an emergency occur after our office is closed, please call our office to arrange for a possibility of a doctor seeing you. Our 24 hour podiatry house call services benefit all New Yorkers, including high-profile individuals who require medical services in their home or workplace. Medical services, including executive foot exams, are available to corporate executives who request to be seen in their offices. Additionally, Dr. Tabari and Dr. Mantzoukas are able to provide laboratory testing. All clients remain anonymous and receive completely confidential medical foot care.